A competitor of yours told me....... " WE HAVE OUR OWN TRUCKS".......... Our Response: 1.We are in competition with other brokers not carriers. There is no way any single automobile carrier transportation company can have enough trucks to always meet every single customers auto shipping needs. If an auto transport company makes the claim that they will meet your schedule because of the one or few trucks they have then clearly they are willing to lie about personally meeting your schedule. Thankfully the competitors that make these outrageous claims are easy to pick out and almost always have a horrible reputation in our industry for lying to their customers. We encourage you to do your homework and dig deep. Some of our competitors offer such poor service that they have angry customers managing blogs to uncover their lies because of how horribly they felt they were cheated. * IN OUR OPINION * - Wow! this is the most amazing of all misrepresentations. If a company that has one truck or even multiple trucks tells you that they have their own trucks and they can personally and physically meet all of your scheduling and shipping needs throughout the country for any dates,etc. you can rest assured they have described something that does not exist but it sounds very good. - Your car will most likely be brokered to another company and the service you receive will reflect the company that has unfortunately misinformed you. WE ARE TRUTHFUL TRANSPORT, OUR NAME DESCRIBES THE SERVICE WE OFFER, AND THAT IS WHAT WE OFFER. 2. " WE GUARANTEE YOUR PICK-UP DATES".......... Do careful research if a broker or a company claims this. Stating something like this when they are not physically driving the truck carrying your vehicle is a third party promise or a promise that cannot be kept. *TRUTHFUL TRANSPORT ANSWER* We try very hard to explain to our customers that nearly all of our orders are picked up and delivered on time as requested, but we are in the auto transportation industry and we all work with delays even companies alluding to be a Carrier or those that really are a Carrier face the same delays that we do. 3. "I REQUESTED A NUMBER OF QUOTES AND YOUR COMPETITORS HAVE TOLD ME YOUR RATES WILL NOT MOVE MY VEHICLE." *TRUTHFUL TRANSPORT RESPONDS* - It is unfortunate that there are competitors that choose to scare customers into using their services by lying about the quality of services others offer, we choose not to! - We work hard to provide an honest service at a low cost to our customers. The founder of our family owned company was raised by a U.S. Federal Agent and will under no circumstances permit any representatives of Truthful Transport to provide outright lies or engage in the defamation of a competitor. - The Truthful Transport business model includes only real quotes and real information. We provide quotes that will get the job done right. - If a company is telling you that Truthful Transport is lying or providing a low-ball quote you should immediately put your guard up. We work for a low deposit to help keep the customers costs lower. Your drivers payment is due on delivery our costs do not go up. Here at Truthful Transport we are exactly what our name states, Truthful Transport. - In the customer feedback found in our flawless reviews you can't help but notice that our customers refer to this misinformation, for example: "Truthful quoted a lower price, provided a reputable driver and everyone else said my vehicle would sit for two weeks and they would get a less reputable driver but that was hardly the case." - Truthful Transport is an auto transport company with over twenty years in combined customer service and auto transport experience. With Truthful Transport you can be confident that your time and needs are our top priority. - As always we focus on the Truth. Consider this, If you were buying a car and someone at Toyota told you something bad about Honda, what would you think? Both companies make great cars to fulfill varying needs for consumers. - If a competitor is willing to lie and tell you that we cannot get the job done with the rate you have been presented you should consider why the defaming of their competition makes them trustworthy to begin with, It seems quite backwards when you really think about it. - This is our most common question but we never stop being surprised by how many potentially satisfied customers fall victim to this unfortunately common tactic some of our competitors choose to use. BE PREPARED AND FULLY INFORMED Call us Toll Free at 855-SHIP-TRU (855-744-7878) or click here to contact us.
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