We get the job done right........ WHY US ?........... - Truthful Transport Inc. provides personal, professional, and quality service to both our drivers and our customers. We stand behind our business and will not quote someone with an empty number. Our quotes are real and based off of real factors such as current fuel cost, vehicle size, weight, mileage, and in some cases accessibility of the desired route. - Our company has access to one of the largest network of carriers across the country which allows us to meet your schedule. When you do business with us you can rest assured that you are getting the most competitive rate. You will receive exceptional service from a personal transport specialist that you will speak to from quote to pickup and until your vehicle is safely delivered. - We strive to meet both your budget and most importantly your expectations. Our business model ensures that you receive exceptional customer service. Our quotes will not give someone unrealistic promises that can not be met! When you ship your vehicle with Truthful Transport Inc. you can rest assured that your car will move with ease and care. - We are licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and we are fully bonded and insured. Each truck is required to carry active public liability, property damage and cargo insurance which is available upon request. We take your business personally! Call Toll Free at (855) SHIP-TRU or E-mail us at info@TruthfulTransport.com THE STORY OF THE TWO TAXI CABS (Car Carriers) FACING THE SAME TRAFFIC: Let's say you are in a rush one day at the airport and need to get to an important meeting in one hour, you proceed to hail a cab and sure enough two cabs pull up, the first cab driver(good broker) tells you I understand that you have an important meeting but I don't want to lie to you and promise I can get you to your meeting in one hour since we will be facing rush hour traffic.(you could take this cab who cares enough about your schedule and job to tell you the truth so you may have the chance to contact your boss to warn about your delay.) You then call to the second cab driver who faces the same rush hour traffic as the other driver and when you ask about making your appointment he thinks of his cab fare as opposed to your job and guarantees you something you want to hear. You took the second cab and told the HONEST cab driver that you were okay and the other guy was going to tell me what I want to hear. Now you are in the back of the cab and you have five minutes to get to your meeting. You beg the cab driver to go another way reminding him that he promised to meet your deadline. After receiving an E-mail on your Blackberry that you are now late for your meeting, have not contacted your boss and because of this he will be asking you to find another employer. You look to the cab driver that told you what you wanted to hear and say what am I going to do now. The driver with a complete absence of concern says I drove you(your car) from point-A to point-B now pay me! BE PREPARED AND FULLY INFORMED Call us Toll Free at 855-SHIP-TRU (855-744-7878) or click here to contact us.
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